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Am I charged the full mount even if it dosen't take that long to clean my house?

No, you’re only charged based on the amount of time your cleaner was actually at your home working. If they finish early, you aren’t charged the full amount quoted.

How do I get the quotation?

Simply visit the signup flow to book a cleaning and as you provide information about your house and schedule, your quote will dynamically adjust.nisi.

Does someone have to visit my house I book a cleaning?

Absolutely not! We wouldn’t want pushy sales-people coming to our house so we would never do that to you. You can get a quote and book your cleaning online. It takes about one minute.

Are cleaning supplies included?

Cleaning supplies aren’t included by default. This ensures your cleaner uses the products you like and there isn’t any cross-contamination from house to house.

What if i'm not happy with my cleaning?

Please get in touch with us right away and we’ll make arrangements to rectify the situation. We have a satisfaction guarantee that we stand by.

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